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Maintaining a healthy weight is so important to staying healthy and managing chronic conditions like Blood Pressure ,Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetics, Indigestion, and more. We know it’s not easy! Millions of People are impacted by the adverse health effects of being overweight or obese, and there is no simple solution. But a combination of healthy nutrition, exercise, and an encouraging support system can make a big difference.

Nutritionists and dietitians at Nandshail Fitness Club can help you create an affordable and delicious food plan. Our medical team can help you manage your weight and associated health concerns with manageable plans to be more active and through appropriate diagnoses and prescriptions. And we can work with you to help you prevent and manage obesity, diabetes, and more.

Start your health journey today!

Train with the best experts in bodybuilding field. Your results will speak to themselves. Try the latest exercising trends, innovative equipment and special nutrition plans.

We provide brand new equipment’s at your service.We provide assortments in activities to choose. 

Maintaining excellent nutrition ensuring excellent skin and hair health even on weight losses of fifty kg and more!

Comprehensive Assessment of your personal health & always leave a legacy of better results in less time.

We have been providing these services for years and thus you can count on us..!!Affordable prices.

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  • Monday 5:30am–10pm
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  • Wedneday 5:30am-10pm
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  • Sunday Closed


Marunji, Near Rajiv Gandhi IT park, Marunji Village, Hinjawadi, Pune





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